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The Best Control II : IPM Encyclopedia
By: Stephen L. Tvedten

Stephen L. Tvedten is considered to be a World leader in the development, research and invention of non-toxic and least-toxic pest control strategies and devices as alternatives to pesticide applications. His innovations include: compiling an encyclopedia for Integrated Pest Managment (IPM), and a PATENT for his exclusive Protease Enzyme Cleaner used in Lice R Gone®.


The core of the IPM Training program at The Institute of Pest Management is an interactive multimedia CD-ROM titled The Best Control II. This encyclopedia of non-toxic pest control teaches Pest Management Professionals and IPM Providers True Integrated Pest Management (TIPM) techniques for eliminating pest problems without exposing themselves or their clients to the unnecessary risk of pesticide applications in their homes and workplaces.

The Best Control II provides you with an entire resource arsenal of literally thousands of safe and non-toxic alternative pest control strategies that excel in comparison to dangerous pesticides. These IPM techniques have been rigorously field tested abroad to assure their effectiveness.

The Best Control II  is a knowledge base of 1,700 pages, spanning 36 years worth of professional pest control experience and research, all compressed onto a single disc. Portable so PCOs can easily search the database on a laptop computer wirelessly in the field at any job site for instant recognition, diagnosis and resolution of insect infestations. If you browse the CD-ROM while connected to the internet, you will have access to literally tens of thousands of hyperlinked web sites that contain additional information and products for non-toxic pest control. This guarantees you will always have the most up to date product information. The Best Control II CD-ROM is also an Adobe® eBook which can read itself aloud for the visually impaired.

Browse these sample chapters from Stephen Tvedten's IPM Manuals:


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Annual Membership at The Institute of Pest Management includes:

  1. The Best Control II   Integrated Pest Management Training CD.
  2. Direct On-site Training is available for a fee to assist your staff in developing the sales and services of IPM techniques and products.
  3. Affiliation on our sponsor listing of recognized True IPM providers for pesticide free alternatives for customers who request only non-toxic pest control. We receive customer calls and emails daily requesting referral service for non-toxic pest control IPM operators to treat their home without using pesticides.
  4. Advertisement as a local Distributor for Safe Solutions, Inc. and Clean-Flo products on our various website listings as a local contact source for purchasing said products, such as Lice R Gone®. We currently have over 30,000 webpages posted on the internet that are visited over 5,000 times per day. Increase your IPM job placement on the internet with us!
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  6. Optional daily email updates regarding crucial issues concerning the Pest Control Industry and Pesticide headlines throughout the world.
  7. Evaluation for TIPM certification is possible after the first year of training.

With this special training program you'll not only possess the compiled research of the author Stephen Tvedten, but you will also even get to personally consult one on one with him on exactly how you too can improve the safety and efficiency of your pest control program! Steve Tvedten is available by scheduled appointment for in-house staff training .

Costs for individual IPM Training can be exorbitant, people have paid up to $50,000 just to learn how to apply fertilizer, and $30,000 to learn how to live trap nuisance wildlife! The cost of franchise investment alone is preventitve to new business growth.

We are offering an entire system of complete Integrated Pest Management as a convenient Training Program for only $149.00 ! At that low a price, there is no limit to the return on investment this resource database will generate for your Pest Control Firm. This introductory price is kept low because we know that after purchasing our IPM training disc you will will continue to rely on our expert knowledge and support team to supply your business with our unique non-toxic methods and alternative control products.

Ultimately we would like to have a certified TIPM Operators, Distributors and Dealers of non-toxic alternative products and services in every community. These franchise placements would necessarily be awarded on a first come basis. You will be given the opportunity to renew your membership with The Institute of Pest Management each subsequent year for a nominal fee.

To begin your IPM Training with The Institute of Pest Management, you must first purchase The Best Control II IPM Training CD-ROM, which is available online at Safe Solutions. Simply type "Institute of Pest Management" or "IPM" in the Customer Comments box when you fill out the customer information in the Shopping Cart page.


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