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Want To Learn True Integrated Pest Management ?

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Why Convert To Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
Because Pesticide Poisons are an Expensive and Unnecessary Liability!

It has become apparent in the field of professional pest management that today's current volatile, synthetic pesticide poisons (such as the newest termiticides that replaced chlordane \ heptachlor) are less persistent and less reliable than their predecessors, in spite of being more expensive. Relying exclusively upon such ineffectual chemical controls results in added expenses for return call-back visits and repeated applications of deadly pesticides that threaten the health of both the homeowner and the pest management operator.

Today's PCOs are confronted with escalating insurance rates due to expensive litigation fees from rampant personal-injury cases involving pesticide exposure and contamination. Lawsuits such as these can decrease profits and draw unwanted scrutiny from State Regulatory Agencies and negative publicity in the Press. This pits Pest Control Management on the losing side of trying to defend the ever increasing risks associated with registered pesticides.

The challenge then for Pest Management is to deliver results in pest control without resorting to the use of dangerous pesticides in people's homes.

Our proven safe and effective True IPM Strategies and our non-toxic alternative pest control products can greatly enhance your company's prestige and prosperity. The return on your investment of IPM training at The Institute of Pest Management will provide you with lifetime of savings in product investment, business growth and the safety protection of you, your employees and clients!

Enroll at The Institute of Pest Management, and learn how to:

  • Control any pest problem immediately without pesticides
  • Avoid endangering people, pets or polluting environment
  • Protect the safety and health of both your clients and staff
  • Avoid liability from potential costly contamination lawsuits
  • Reduce your insurance rates and thereby increase profit
  • Reduce your chemical costs and thereby increase profit
  • Increase productivity with more effective control methods
  • Broaden your market base and increase customer sales
  • Achieve a better public image by eliminating pesticides

Did you know that 75 - 90% of today's consumers selectively seek out a pest control service that can safely control their pest problems without using dangerous, volatile pesticides in their homes, and that they are willing to pay higher fees just for that privilege of health security? Why not give this growing bank of potential customers the service they are clamoring for? Tap into this incredible marketplace that has been virtually ignored by traditional Pest Control Management for far too long! 

Today the vast majority of the American Public has become apprehensive about the health risks of pesticides. More than 70 Municipalities across Canada have already banned the cosmetic use of pesticides because of their harmful effects on humans, pets and the environment. Many School Districts and entire communities throughout the USA are now demanding that only alternative non-toxic pest control methods (IPM) be used. The controversy over pesticide exposure in public spaces will obviously continue to escalate in the coming years.

Mandatory Public notification of pesticide application is fast becoming a reality. Schools in Michigan must notify parents before they allow registered pesticide to be applied on campus, and when they do students and staff must stay at home. If anyone subsequently becomes sick, the school and PCO are held responsible. Unlike pesticide, our non-toxic IPM procedures and alternative products do not require disclosure or posted warning when they are applied in public places.

Our non-toxic IPM pest control program methodology has been successfully installed in over 350 Public Schools; all of which were able to discontinue using synthetic pesticides poisons and obtain better pest control results inside and outdoors with our alternative solutions. The absence of exposure to volatile pesticides in the classroom actually resulted in increased school attendance and improved performance of students, faculty and staff members.

By converting to our system of non-toxic Intelligent Pest Management © IPM, it is possible to cut indoor pesticide application by more than 75% within the first year of adopting our alternative methods. Your business can be totally independent of chemical controls by the second year of operation, which lowers investment costs.

We are the only IPM program to successfully remove only unwanted pests but leave the beneficial insects unharmed. Learn how we were able to control insects outdoors in groves, orchards, gardens and lawns without harming beneficial species.  

Since our Intelligent Pest Management © IPM methods do not rely on dangerous chemical pesticides to control insects, but rather on non-toxic strategies and alternative products which kill insects based on their physical properties, insects will never develop an immune resistance to them as they do to traditional pesticide poisons. This makes our IPM program far more efficient and economical than funding the constant replacement of obsolescent pesticides by achieving guaranteed control while protecting themselves and the environment. Our unique IPM techniques, procedures, products, and devices are PATENTED and cannot be obtained anywhere else.




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